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Singer Songwriter Skills-  Every young cellist wants to learn to sit in with a band and create arrangements like their favorite Youtube stars!  In this course we’ll go through a step by step sequenced course for chart reading, arranging, and composing on the cello.  Our methodology has been refined over the last decade teaching these principles at String Project Los Angeles, and we’re so proud to have this legendary course on the site!

If you are a teacher or young student beginning your creative journey, this course is a MUST WATCH!

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1 Minute Preview Video-  Check out this quick commercial to see if this course is right for you.

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Episode 1:  Introduction to chords

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Part 2:  Reading a chord chart

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Part 3:  Arranging Skills-pads and smooth voice leading

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Part 4:  Arranging Skills-  Building ostinatos

Vol. 2

Part 1:  The Secret Rule: Writing your own chord progressions-  

IGC Singer Songwriter Skills Worksheet 2.1

Part 2:  Advanced Chords

-Power Chords

-Sus Chords

-7th Chords


-Diminished Chords

IGC Singer Songwriter Skills Worksheet 2.2

Breakout Session:  The Diminished Chord

-Even though it is the most versatile and useful chord qualities, The diminished chord can be particularly confusing for cellist/singersongwriters.  Check out these videos to level up your game.

The Diminished Chord: Introduction

PDF Worksheet


The Diminished Chord:  Ninja tips/Deep Dive and Duport No. 7

Part 3a:  Advanced Arranging Techniques- Harmonization

IGC Singer Songwriter Skills Worksheet 2.2


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