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The Biggest Question All Improvising Cellists Ask: And The Answer To It

The Biggest Question All Improvising Cellists Ask:  And The Answer To It If you’re anything like me the number one challenge you face day in and day out is figuring out what to practice. And there’s a good reason why this is particularly overwhelming for multi-style cellists when it comes to practicing most of us […]

Should You Transcribe Other String Players?

OK, I’ll just say it:  When I first started out I thought Jazz string players were lame, and there certainly weren’t any cellists that I knew of who could keep up with the “Real players” Like Coltrane, Red Garland, Hendrix, Miles or any of the masters I grew up listening to.  Years later after I […]

What’s The Point Of Creative String Teaching?

The answer to this question isn’t obvious.  Is it really more helpful to learn about Jazz or Rock or music theory from a violinist or cellist?  What about learning about amplification or effects pedals? The truth is there is nothing that makes Rock cellists or Jazz violinists more qualified to teach you about almost anything […]

Why Do We Need The Improvisors Guide To The Cello?

Over the years, I’ve always struggled to explain to those who haven’t yet experienced it, what makes The Improvisors Guide the premier learning experience for improvising cellists no matter what style of music they play and what makes it fundamentally different from every other fiddle class, music camp, and website out there. At the end […]

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