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The Biggest Question All Improvising Cellists Ask:  And The Answer To It

If you’re anything like me the number one challenge you face day in and day out is figuring out what to practice. And there’s a good reason why this is particularly overwhelming for multi-style cellists when it comes to practicing most

of us have some good principles and our reasonably comfortable improving a shift or speeding up a fast passage all the things you need to polish up a piece of repertoire and get ready for a recital when it comes to going beyond our classical Conservatory training. Most of us jealous are completely Flying Blind in our practice with no real principles and are completely confused as to where to start. What about time, Groove, feel extended techniques like chopping or baselines practicing and trying to absorb new harmonic ideas and scales. What about transcribing and language practice vocabulary, like learning tunes and links and eventually absorbing and synthesizing all of it. So we develop our own unique sound now figuring out where to start on that list every day much less having solid principles to

organize and practice those things effectively can be incredibly overwhelming. I got tired just listening now ideally if you were mind to becoming a world-class improviser or really elite in anything. You won’t fly blind and try to go It Alone. Ideally, you’d be working with a world-class coach who had Rock Solid principles and experience and had taken hundreds of other people to the top of the same Mountain unfortunately

up to this point in creative string teaching that kind of expertise just hasn’t been available to us. And that’s why today I’m so excited to announce a brand new course from the improviser’s guide to the cello called Complete Musicianship For The Evolving Cellist.

The first course ever designed by creative cellists for creative cellists to help answer the biggest question of all: What the hell do I practice and how do I practice it, right?

In this three-part course, we’ll cover transcribing developing an ear-hand connection so that you’re able to absorb new material without thinking and perform it in the same way that you would speak your native language last but not least will be demystifying the creative process of taking material that you’re practicing and truly making it your own now right now some of you may be thinking

“Jacob, I already know about transcribing and I practice ear training every day what the

heck makes this course different and why should I care?”

Let’s take a minute to talk about what this course isn’t.

This is not gonna be boring rote teaching like  you’d find in most fiddle classes and it’s also not gonna be repackaged general theory material that you can find anywhere on the internet. I design complete musicianship as a course for Creative Cellists by Creative Cellists with special emphasis on the unique pitfalls we face on the cello. I’ve spent my life helping cellists like you identify and overcome these unique blind spots. And after founding America’s first creative string school and giving thousands of master classes concerts and lectures from everything from middle schools to America’s top conservatories I’ve thought about this stuff more than anyone else out there, but  my biggest teaching credential is the fact that I was far from a prodigy.

As a matter of fact, I was never the top talent in any of the studios or schools that I’ve attended. So rest

assured no matter what style you’re working on, I’ve gone through the same trials and tribulations in my practice you guys are going through right. Now.

The other thing that’s different about this course is that it’s an actual course! This isn’t some hastily thrown-together clickbait thing like all the YouTube and Facebook videos we’ve all been slammed with. That means that I’m gonna be with you every step of the way with mentoring guidance and worksheets to help you measure and track your progress along the way. I’m gonna arm you with real tools and principles that first engineered by some of the world’s greatest improvisers to keep the whole process focused, manageable, and fun.

So if you’re a multi-style cellist out there and you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or frustrated by this process of developing your own inner voice as a creative cellist. I want to encourage you to stop chasing random YouTube videos or clickbait ads and let me save you years of time money and frustration. So just click the link below for more information or to sign up for this unique course. We are gonna have limited spaces available and they’re gonna fill up extremely quickly you guys, so I hope that you’ll take the time to check it out and I hope to see you backstage.

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