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These multi-part courses are at the heart of IGC
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Attention New Members:   Before diving into IGC, check out this orientation videos to help you get your bearings on the site and get the most out of your experience.  Also, be sure to download the materials below to guide you on your journey. .   IGC Lexicon 2.2 What IS The Rosetta System? IGC Players Path For Beginners

The courses presented below represent The Rosetta System:  The world’s first unified field theory of the cello fingerboard.  These courses should be studied in the order they are presented here.  Happy practicing, and be prepared to have your life changed forever.



Arpeggios: The Ligament System

Arpeggios are the foundation of everything we do as cellists.  Unfortunately unlike our electric bass playing colleagues, we tend to start with scales first and (even worse) in our classical system we learn fingerings that in many cases are unrelated to the ones we use for our scales.  This system creates a huge disconnect for cellists when it comes to outlining harmony in our improvisations and is one of the main reasons that there are so few cellists on earth who have developed a true harmonic concept on their instrument.

Pentatonic Super System

Pentatonics:  The Definitive guide to mastering the pentatonic scale for cellists! Anyone can explain this scale, but you’ve never learned it like this. Jacob takes you through his revolutionary learning system that will allow you to shred the scale all over the fingerboard in any key without thought!

Jacobs Ladder: The Major Scale and It’s Modes

Jacob has radically reimagined the cello fingerboard and brings this system to you! In this course you will learn, how traditional classical training stifles us when we attempt to improvise and how to break through! The Jacob’s Ladder system will teach you how to play any major scale or mode in any key anywhere on the neck by counting one, two, three!

Modes, and Exotic Scales

Applying The Rosetta System:  The Rosetta system represents the first unified field theory of the instrument and can help you master any scale or harmonic information you are trying to learn.  Be sure to learn all of the previous courses before attempting these lessons.

Singer Songwriter Skills

Singer Songwriter Skills-  Every young cellist wants to learn to sit in with a band and create arrangements like their favorite Youtube stars!  In this course we’ll go through a step by step sequenced course for chart reading, arranging, and composing on the cello.  Our methodology has been refined over the last decade teaching these principles at String Project Los Angeles, and we’re so proud to have this legendary course on the site! If you are a teacher or young student beginning your creative journey, this course is a MUST WATCH!

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