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The Jacobs Ladder System

Jacob has radically reimagined the cello fingerboard and brings this system to you! In this course you will learn, how traditional classical training stifles us when we attempt to improvise and how to break through!


The Jacob’s Ladder system will teach you how to play any major scale or mode in any key anywhere on the neck by counting one, two, three!

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Part 1:  “Why are we talking about scales?”

Part 2:  Shredding Position and The 3 shapes

Part 2:  “Going Vertical” with shred position

Part 3: Open Position With The Thumb

Part 3B: Open Position Without The Thumb 

Part 4:  First Position

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Practice Routine:  Putting It All Together

The 2+4+1 Concept and the chromatic scale

The 2+4+1 concept will open up the world of chromaticism.  Being able to access all the notes of the chromatic scale without shifting is key to mastering open position and adding color to your lines no matter what style you play.  



The 2+4+1 Method:  Visualizing and refining Open Position

New The chromatic scale-  go beyond patterns with a system that is full range, formulaic, and actually works within the context of the other IGC scales/chords/arpeggios etc IGC Chromatic Scales  
Position Based Playing

The following lessons show a different approach to Open Position designed specifically for Jazz and Fusion improvisors to give them another tool to meet the unique demands of improvising in these styles on the cello.



Introduction to Position Based Playing-  What it is and why you need it!


Position Based Playing and Jacob’s Ladder

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