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Next Session in September (9/1, 9/8, and 9/15, 9/22) 9:30-11 am PST

This four-week course will take you into the very heart of the Improvisors Guide experience including live seminars private lessons and an amazing community that will inspire you and hold you accountable every step of the way while we study musical styles like Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, and even Hip Hop.

You’ll be getting the award-winning IGC course curriculum…It’s a system I’ve taught and refined with students of all ages ability levels and styles for over 20 years and it’s guaranteed to have you jamming and playing with more freedom than you could have ever imagined. You’ll learn how to play the major scale or any of its modes and any key on the neck without thinking in less than minutes you will finally understand why you’ve been struggling to effectively play over chord changes and my step-by-step system for how you can Master changes in any style.

You’ll learn singer-songwriter skills that will simplify your concept of Harmony on the fingerboard and my pentatonic super system that’s already starting to create the first generation of cellists that can really confidently stand Toe to Toe on the stage with blues and rocks sacks and guitar players.

We’ll learn about the Rosetta system the world’s first and only unified fingering theory of the cello fingerboard.

So whether you’re a fiddler or trying to play rock blues or Jazz, you’ve been struggling to learn how to improvise in any of these styles, you don’t have to keep suffering and you don’t have to spend 30 years like I did discovering all of these blind spots for yourself and trying to reinvent the wheel. There’s never been a more exciting time to take that blue pill. Take your creativity to the next level. Click on the link below for more information and to sign up today and I can’t wait to see you at the next IGC Live.

What Will I Get?

*4x 1.5-hour live classes (taught on Zoom) over the course of a month including Q&A sessions-A $500 Value
*4 Mini Private Sessions-A $250 Value

*In depth personalized video responses to each assignment-A $150 Value

*Community projects and assignments weekly on our exclusive private FB group

*Access to the IGC all class videos and class replays (If you can’t attend a class live).


What if I can't attend all the classes?


All attendees are usually busy professionals, and all classes will be recorded and posted by the end of the same day in our private FB group!

Are the classes virtual?

Yes, on Zoom. A link will be sent after you register and you DO NOT need a Zoom account to participate.

What level do I need to be?

This class is not for students with at least:

2-3 years experience

Basic understanding of theory including, chords, scales and modes.

What makes these classes different?

As opposed to video course libraries, this is the first time the IGC curriculum will be taught live in its entirety along with Q&A, Private mini -Lessons after each class, and a community learning the same material at the same time together. Unlike a music camp with random superficial classes on different subjects, this is a real sequenced curriculum designed to make you into a cello hero in five days!

How much is the course?

$650, with ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ and installment payments available.

When are the classes?

Four consecutive Sundays taught over the course of one month. See the calendar below for times and to sign up.

How long are the classes?

All classes are an hour and a half long including 2 Q&A sessions.

So non-IGC members can sign up?

Yes, and legacy IGC members are encouraged to join as well.

Is IGC Live The same as my current 1yr IGC subscription? Do I need to sign up again?

Moving forward all new members will start with IGC live before being offered the chance to use the Academy website. If you are a current 1 yr subscriber, this is a separate class with live teaching, mini-private lessons, and more. You are still highly encouraged to sign up for the live course especially if you are feeling like you would want to work with Jacob privately or in an intensive group situation.

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