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Next Free Class Is 3/16 at 10am PST: Sign Up Today!!!

So excited to announce another FREE 1 hour live seminar on Zoom open to all intermediate and advanced cellists no matter what improvisation experience you have (including none 😉 or what style you play.

Spots are limited to just 10 new students who haven’t done The Improvisors Guide To The Cello or studied with me before.
In just 1 hour you’ll learn:

What’s been holding you (and every other cellist) back on their creative journeys, and more importantly how to overcome them.

How to shred any mode in any key starting from any ginger in less than 10 minutes

What makes IGC Fundamentally different from any approach (book, camp, youtube channel, college program) out there for learning to improvise on the cello.

And So Much More.

The last 2 classes filled up in a day and spots ARE filling up quickly, so be sure to sign up now to reserve your spot and I can’t wait to see you backstage.


Hey, all you creative cellists out there Jacob here.

If you are trying to up your improv game, no matter what style you play I want to invite you to a free cello class. I’m going to be doing and over the course of that one hour. I’m gonna show you some of the unique cello specific blind spots that we all face when trying to approach improvisation. Well, we’ll be learning how to shred in any key starting from any position on the neck in less than 10 minutes and a lot of other great stuff along the way.

So if you’re an intermediate to professional level cellist who’s never taken a class with me before now is the perfect time to take your improvisation games the next level. And in order to give everyone the maximum amount of personal attention. We’re going to be limiting enrollment to just the first 10 students who sign up. So what are you waiting for?

Click the link below and I’ll see you at the free Workshop.

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