The Improvisor's Guide is a completely new and innovative approach for mastering the cello fingerboard.  Rather than repackaging conventional theory books, IGC addresses the unique challenges and opportunities cellists face to help them bridge the gap between their instruments and the  styles they are passionate about.  The Guide differs from traditional scale concepts in 3 fundamental ways:

  • Visual Spacial-  Borrowing from fretted instruments, this method will teach cellists to visualize shapes and patterns like never before.
  • Formulaic-  In traditional classical training cellist are taught dozens of scale fingerings which don't lend themselves to re-sequencing.  Learning dozens of fingerings also leads to overthinking and paralysis when approaching improvisation.  With The Guide, Cellists will learn a few simple formulas to master the Scales that are the foundation of all contemporary styles of music in every key in every position and without thought!
  • Full Range-  Fingerings designed for repertoire based playing have dozens of shifts and are not practical for improvisation.  One need only watch great fiddlers, guitarists, or electric bassists to understand the fundamental importance of economy of motion.  This is why the improvisor's guide emphasizes a full range approach.  This means practicing scales from the lowest possible note in a given position to the highest available in the same position (rather than playing root to root).