Complete 1 hour lessons for all playing levels

Attention New Members:  

Check out the following orientation video to help you get your bearings on the site and get the most out of your IGC experience.

When you join IGC you’ll quickly begin to learn that the grooves, bass lines and riffs from - Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, R&B, Soul and Pop are all built from the exact same core elements.

When you learn these core elements and understand how to approach and apply them on the cello you’ll be able to create great cello lines, grooves and fills, instantly - in any style you dare to tackle.

Pentatonics and The Blues

Difficulty:  Beginner/Intermediate 

Prerequisite:  none

Based off of Jacob's epic seminar that he has taught at over 30 music schools and conservatories around the world.  This seminar will show you how to incorporate your pentatonic playing into Rock and The Blues while learning strategies for following the changes and outlining the harmony.






Level: Beginner 

Prerequisite:  None

Based off of Jacob's famous SPLA master class, this simple 2 part series which also appeared as supplement to Jacob's article in the Strad.  This is a great primer course for learning how to play with a non classical "accent" and execute some of the most fundamental ornaments necessary for Rock, Blues, and Jazz performance practice.

Prerequesites:  none

1+4+2 Method:

Level:  Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisite:  Jacob's Ladder Course

Have you ever had trouble playing what you hear??? In Jacob's newest seminar, you will learn why this happens while learning Jacob's approach to improving ear/hand coordination.  This is a must watch for all levels!

Be sure to check out the Jacob's Ladder courses before checking out this video.


Bergonzi Patterns:

Level:  Advanced

Prerequisite:  Pentatonics Course

Spice up your pentatonics with these cool patterns.  This video is a must for Jazz and Fusion players, but no matter what style you are focusing on these patterns will open up your ear and facillity!  If you've been shedding the pentatonic course, this will take your game to the next level!


Singer Songwriter Skills:

Level:  Beginner

Prerequisite:  none

Based on Jacob's award winning course!  This is a fantastic course that will get the beginner reading chord charts and arranging in no time.  Like his scale and arpeggio concepts, Jacob's signature approach simplifies complex ideas and sequences them in the most digestible way to minimize thought.  A must watch for teachers as well!!!!

Guide To Chromatacism Pt. 1

Level:  Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisite:  Rosetta System

In part one of this 2 part series, Jacob explains why cellists have a hard time incorporating chromaticism into their playing and then shows 3 strategies for introducing it in an organic way that fits the cello fingerboard!  Each of these strategies lead  very different sounding lines  and are applicable to many styles although these are especially helpful for Jazz, and Fusion players.

Click here to download the worksheet for Chromatics Part 1 (Worksheet for IGC Members)

The Minor II-V-I :  Pentatonic Approaches

Level:  Advanced

Prerequisite:  Complete Rosetta System

By Popular Demand!!!!  In this 45 minute lesson, Jacob explains why cellists often struggle with minor II V I's and  offers "cello friendly" strategies for understanding the progression and soloing in an organic way.  A must watch for serious Jazzers!!!


IGC ii-V-I strategies pentatonic (For IGC Members)

The Minor II-V-I :  Pentatonic Approaches Part 2

Level:  Advanced

Prerequisite:  Complete Rosetta System

In this follow up video we dive more deeply into the pentatonic "Chunking" approach from part 1.  For serious Jazz and fusion players only

Click here to download worksheet:  igc-min-ii-v-i-practice-routine (Worksheet for IGC members)



3 Fingerboard "Hacks"

Level:  Easy

Prerequisite:  Jacob's Ladder Course

These 3 fingerboard hacks will help you move around all the cool shapes you’ve been learning and get the most out of your IGC experience!
The best part???  They’re incredibly simple and easy to use!


How To Practice Licks

Level:  Easy

Prerequisite:  none (Jacob's Ladder Course/Pentatonics are recommended)

  No matter what style of you music you are exploring, the best way to learn is by studying the solos, licks, and tricks of the greats, but getting the material we've practiced to "transfer" over is one of the biggest challenges we face as improvising musicians.  That's why I'm so excited to share my newest video seminar with you!

In this video, I'll show you how I practice while explaining common pitfalls and showing you why many techniques you are probably using  just aren't effective.  Not only does this video give you exercises that REALLY work, but even more importantly, the principles behind them to help you supercharge your practice!

Lick Practice Seminar Worksheet (For IGC Members Only)