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The Quick Start Guide

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Introduction to The Improvisors Guide:

What is the Improvisors Guide to the Cello and what makes it the most powerful learning tool available for creative cello players? Check out our videos to find out why no matter what style you play, there is simply nothing like IGC!



Why You Can't Improvise on the Cello:

A quick explanation of Jacob's Rosetta system:  The First "Unified Field Theory" of the cello fingerboard.


Sample Course Section:  Introduction To The Major Scale and It's Modes

In 5 minutes, you'll get an explanation of why we need to rethink scales and reprogram our brain from an improvisors perspective.

Lick of the Week Sample Lesson:  Mark Summer 7 Steps To Heaven Solo

Our Lick Of The Week section focuses on transcriptions of great Jazz, Rock, and Blues string players.  Go to the shed to check out solos with downloadable transcriptions by Stuff Smith, Mark Summer, Jean Luc Ponty, and many other string heroes!




Sample Seminar: The 1+4+2 Method

Our 15-40 minute lessons on The Blues, Singer Songwriter skills are based on String Project Los Angeles's award winning curriculum.  This lesson details a fun method for developing critical ear hand coordination.

Groove Of The Week

Learn Chopping and grooving techniques from the best cellists in the world with our newest series: Groove Of The Week!
Log into to check out all your favorite artists from performing and teaching their signature grooves from Funk to Jazz to Celtic. Wanna get serious about your playing? For less than the const of 2 private lessons you can have access to GOW as well as our Lick OF The Week, Academy Shows, Seminars and groundbreaking curriculum that is guaranteed to transform your playing forever!