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Jacob Discusses What's on His Mind and Answers Your Questions

Episode 1:  Breaking Through 

In our first show, Jacob discusses the dangers of specialization and how you can overcome plateaus you may be experiencing in your practice and music making.


Tim Ferriss Blog (Members Only Access)

Tim Ferriss specialization Blog Post  (Members Only Access)

Episode 2:  The 3 must read books for cellists (or any musician) 

In our second show, Jacob discusses 3 books that have changed his life, inspired and enriched him as a musician.  Check it out!


For All things EM, visit Kenny Werner's Site

Zen Guitar Purchase link!

Episode 3:  The 1 Youtube video that will change your life!

In our third show, Jacob discusses the 1 Youtube video that every musician should see and introduces you to one of the greatest music teachers in the world:  Hal Galper.


Click here to visit Hal Galper's website, I would passionately recommend his forward motion book.  The concept is simple but amazingly helpful!

Kochevitky's Piano book can be purchased here!



Episode 4:  How 2 minutes a day made 2015 the best year of my life

Happy 2016!  In our 4th show, Jacob discusses why some goals fail and 2 simple "Brain Tools"  for editing your huge philosophical goals into simple 2 minute action items!





Episode 5:  How 2 minutes a day made 2015 the best year of my life part 2


By popular demand!  This video is a follow up to vol. 4 where Jacob shares one more productivity trick to supercharge your practicing this year.




Episode 6:  The Power Of Eustress


Jacob reveals a simple piece of gear that can transform your practice and discusses how it works!