What is IGC?

IGC is the first interactive learning community for intermediate to advanced creative cellists and educators!  No matter what style you play, if you're serious about taking your game to the next level, you've come to the right place.

Is IGC ok for beginners?

IGC is designed for intermediate and advanced cellists.   The site is not designed for beginners and doesn’t provide any instructions for basic cello setup or technique. It is our strong belief that no website can replace a good private teacher for setting up beginning students.  Each of the courses is graded by technical difficulty level, style of music (if applicable) and any prerequisites form previous courses.  In our experience cellists who can play past fourth position, knows the notes on their instrument and are comfortable with most basic rhythms (Suzuki book 5 or higher) will be comfortable with many of the lessons on the site.

What styles of music will I learn?

Style and Improvisation are not the same! Think of style as a type of performance practice or to put it another way: What type of musical accent you speak with. IGC addresses many elements of style and offers style specific lessons, the goal is to teach students how to Improvise. IGC is not designed for students to learn how to play Don’t Stop Believing more convincingly, but more for students who want to be able to solo on, analyze, and even write THE NEXT Don’t Stop Believing!

What should I work on first?

IGC is easy to use!  Check out our 2-minute starter video at the top of every page, OR check out this diagram.


We also offer an alternative course pathway specially tailored for younger developing players.  Log onto the site to learn more.

What makes IGC so unique?

Jacob's revolutionary concept of the fingerboard will create giant breakthroughs in your ability to improvise in any style including Fiddle, Rock, Blues and even Jazz.  The heart of IGC it Jacob's Rosetta System, the first unified field theory of the fingerboard.  To learn more about how The System will transform your playing, click here. 

What is The PickupTest?

ThePickuptest.com is the “go to” resource for creative string players all over the world. For the first time, violinists, violists, and cellists will be able to log on and hear every pickup on the market (from major brands to small boutique ones) played on the same instrument by the same player playing the same plucked, bowed, chopped and double-stopped excerpts. Using our proprietary media player, they’ll also be able to toggle between room mic, amp and direct signals as well as between different pickups in real time to decide which pickup may be right for them.

This site has been created because even as creative string playing has grown exponentially, amplified players all over the world still have little access to good objective information about the various gear available they use (beyond the manufacturers own advertising). Players are unable to try before they buy and are given little to no training on how to get the sound that they want on stage.

I’m a classically trained cellist but haven’t improvised much. Is IGC right for me?


What’s on the site?

The site is comprised of multi-section courses and their practice routines, seminars, Lick Of The Week transcriptions, Groove Of The Week Lessons with guest artists, our Academy show and more!  Feel free to navigate through the tabs on the site or watch this demo video to learn more.

Trouble logging in

I’m getting this message: 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!

The portal software we use has an anti-piracy feature where if you try to log in on more than 2 devices, it thinks you are sharing your password with others and automatically kicks you off.  To avoid this, try limiting your use of the site to 2 devices like a computer and tablet for example. Unfortunately, once you receive this message contact customer support and we’ll fix you right up!

Is there a trial version of IGC?

Yes!  In addition to our standard yearly membership, we offer a one-month binge subscription.  Additionally, the binge subscription can be proactively applied to the 1-year membership if you decide to continue.

Can I try IGC for Free?

Nope.  BUT if you join us for a year and don't think that IGC is worth 20 times what you paid, Jacob will fly to your house, cook your family dinner and wash your car!  Pretty good for the cost of single a private lesson with a master teacher!