Welcome to the official web page for The complete Musicianship For The Evolving Cellist.  Check out the video message to learn more about this course or sign up below.  Thanks for your interest and I’ll see you backstage!



Complete Musicianship FAQ


-How much is the course? The entire three-day course is a measly $300.  This includes a total of three hours of instruction, and an hour and a half of question and answer sessions!

-When Are The Classes?  Three Saturdays- at 9am (please see schedule for dates)

-Where Are The Classes?  Live on Zoom.  A link will be sent after you register and you DO NOT need a Zoom account to participate.  

-How do I join? Just sign up below

-So this is a standalone class? Yes, but only available for students who have completed IGC Live.

-Do current IGC one-year members still have to sign up? Yes. we have a very limited number of spots, and we need to know who will be attending.

-Is this class specific to one style of music? No. The skills you will learn in this class can be applied to absolutely any style of music and will supercharge of practicing and I hope you understand how to master and his style and develop your creative voice in a clear and organized way.

-Are there special materials for the class that I will need? Once you sign up, you will automatically receive an email with all the information you need including the schedule, links to the worksheet files, and more.

-Will this class be awesome and change my life? Yes, absolutely it will be awesome!