What Makes IGC Different?

The Improvisor's Guide is a completely new and innovative approach for mastering the cello fingerboard.  Rather than repackaging conventional theory books, IGC addresses the unique challenges and opportunities cellists face to help them bridge the gap between their...

Taking The Cello Into The 21st Century

Creative Cellists Welcome:   The Improvisor’s Guide to the cello is the first ever comprehensive guide for approaching improvisation on the cello.   No matter what style of music you play and compose in, the guide will unlock the cello fingerboard and liberate you...

The Improvisor's Guide it the result of my own creative path and my experiences working with tens of thousands of creative string players worldwide.  I believe now more than ever that this approach will help to push the cello into the 21st century and inspire a whole new generation of creative cellists.  Whether you are a student or professional cellist, I want to thank you for being part of this journey!


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