Welcome to the official web page for The Blues Rock Cello super course.  Check out the video message to learn more about this course or sign up below.  Thanks for your interest and I'll see you backstage!



Blues Rock Cello FAQ


-When Is The Course?  Sunday 2/14 from 10:00-11:30 PST.  The class will be taught online via Zoom.

-How much is the course? The 1.5 Hour course is a measly $75.  This includes a total of 1 hour of instruction, and a half hour question and answer session!

-How do I join? Just sign up below

-Do I need to be an IGC Member To Join? No

-So non-IGC members can sign up? Yes

-Are Discounts available to one-month binge subscribers?   No

-Do current IGC one year members still have to sign up? Yes. We have a very limited number of spots, and we need to know who will be attending.

-What will I learn in this course?  This course will give you a foundation to absolutely shred solos in blues and classic rock styles (From the Allman Brothers to AC/DC).  These cello specific concepts will have you playing all over the fingerboard without thinking and will allow you to do so in any key.

-If I'm a beginning cellist, is this class right for me?  To optimize your experience, you need to be an intermediate or advanced cellist and have a good understanding of where the notes are on your fingerboard and the ability to play comfortably in all the lower positions.

-Will there be a lot of theory in this class? Nope.  You should know how to spell major, minor, and dominant chords, and have a basic understanding of key signatures, but that's about it.

-Is this class specific to one style of music? Yes, but The skills you will learn in this class can be applied to absolutely any style of music and will supercharge of practicing.

-Are there special materials for the class that I will need? Once you sign up, you will automatically receive an email with all the information you need including the schedule, links to the worksheet files, and more.

-Will this class be awesome and change my life? Yes, absolutely it will be awesome!

-How Awesome? VERY, VERY AWESOME:)

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